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Commercial stand concept design

Commercial stand & hostess look concept design for mineral water brand. Design was for a sponsored promotional campaign which included evening event where guests were invited to a dark restaurant. Waitress look had to be simple, since for most of the time hardly anything would be visible. Although I added some  hair-clips and stars printed on t-shirt which would light up in the dark.

Don Quixote

“Don Quixote” 150 USD. 3 panels, each standard A 4 format. Digital collage, unframed.

Theme for this one is Space: Real, Artificial, Imagined. Don Quixote as a chivalrous and slightly loony knight provided me with all the inspiration. Quixote’s character, has something endearing about him in the way his imagination seamlessly fuses with real bits, in this order exactly :)

Working time was rather a labour of love, since I had to find free photos to use as building elements.  That is, making a collage like this I know what I want it  to look like. To get exactly what I have in  mind I either  have to draw from scratch – like girl figure or combine loads of photos together – so horse in picture could gallop nicely.

Commercial events & stage design

Some more digital renders of my designs for commercial promotional events, for companies (or specific products) like Mazda Furai, Golf GTI, Skoda Summer Review (in Poland), Carlsberg, Volkswagen Golf VI, Żywiec Flower Power. Some of them are 3d renders, others are digital collages.

Orange Summer Cinema stage design & 3d render

This is another stage design for summer festival. event was held by Orange (mobile company) on a jetty in Sopot, Poland.  Main task was to transform pier into open air cinema and make company’s branding as visible as it could be.

Allegro Cup stage design & 3d render

I made this stage design for summer festival sponsored by Allegro. Set had to include surfing motifs, stage, relaxation area etc.