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Immersion heater design

Immersion heater  design – a memory from the days without 24/7 drive thru coffee shops :) Probably just a design gadget and an answer to a set theme from second year design class. Personally, I’d stop at nearest petrol station and buy some coffee to go. And for camping out tourist stove is so much more versatile from retro immersion heater. Cooking on open fire’s even better :)

Coffe shop & TV pub for football fans

Concept design for a place where sports fans could meet with their friends, watch sports, say football game and generally have good time. Inspiration comes from one moment when with a couple friends I fruitlessly tried to find a place in my town where we could watch football transmission. It’s not that coffee shops & pubs were devoid of TVs :) rather TV’s visibility was an issue :) So I doodled a design for sports fans – with big screens and comfy sofas.