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Pink magnolias. 60 x 60 cm, single panel  20 x 60 cm. Sides painted over, unframed. 100 $ Just a quick oil painting of flowering magnolias on turquoise sky backdrop :) Took about one hour to complete, although I’ve painted … Continue reading

That darn cat proud cat oil painting

“That darn cat”. 80×80 cm, oil on canvas, unframed. 500 USD.

This is a painting of a proud cat, done in rather modern style and bright colours. Definitely would liven up any modern interior.

Fairy cat walking on the roof


Cat walking on the roof, 30×40 cm, sides painted, unframed, 200 $

A fairy tale version of a cat walking on the roof finished with violet gingerbread tiles. When painting this, I had in mind I wanted to come up with something colourful that would brighten children’s room.



Angel painting “Angel with soul on its shoulder”

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“Guardian angel with soul on its shoulder”. 33 x 41 cm, oil on canvas,  200 $, unframed. Idea for this painting comes from playing around with Gioconda theme. Although when I stared drawing this, I ended up with a different … Continue reading

Felis catus rex

Cat on pedestal

Oil painting on a wood panel from old beehive. Cat on pedestal, almost :). It says it all.

Boat on a sunny summer beach

Boat on a sunny summer beach

On sale. 200 USD. Oil on canvas, 40×60 cm, sides painted over, signed, unframed.

Like any warmth loving creature I’m longing for a summer. When painting this boat, I could practically see and touch heat radiating from overheated metal surface. Heat was producing strangest effects in the shadows , turning them iridescent. Colors during summer day were so bright, it almost hurt to look.

Violent pansies and butterflies

Violet pansies and butterflies

On sale. 100 USD. Standard A3 format - 29 x 42 cm. Signed, unframed.

Violet pansies and butterflies oil on textured paper. This is another take on flowers from my garden, albeit butterflies and decor in the background I’ve sketched out from imagination. It was a bit difficult to get all colours display right on screen with just a simple camera, hopefully I’ve got some new photographic equipment. It’ll help, I think :) I painted this on special thick paper for oil painting that resembles canvas texture. I’ve primed it nevertheless with white acrylic before painting, just to get a rougher surface to start with.

violet pansies

Violet pansies oil painting

Original artwork – SOLD. Print up to 20×30 cm available for 20 USD (unframed, framed upon request for additional 6 USD. Framemade from natural pine wood or metallic plastic – different colours).

This is small painting of violet pansies from my backyard. I’ve made this some time ago, using dry brush and thick impasto layers. At first, I sketched flowers from nature, as they were, but simply copying on sketchbook what I saw in nature didn’t work for composition. To paint this picture, I combined 2-3 sketches :) and that’s the result. Can’t wait to see  spring again in my garden, it’s been a long winter here.