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Airplane gadget – sleep eye mask




Just a small gadget for sleeping in during long flights.  Standard sleep eye mask covers only your eyes, this toy muffles sounds as well. Mask is sewn from soft polar fabric and laced with retro wings pattern.

Party theme – colourful bottle cap/ decoration.

Time for toast!

Time for toast!. Two versions. With/ without cork + wineglass= pour& enjoy :), and then cork bottle.

Party theme – colourful bottle cap/ decoration.  In fancier restaurants when you order wine, waiter may pour it for you while holding bottle wrapped in white cloth. It’s just so wine doesn’t spill ergo, would it be possible to get rid of all the ” glitter and dust” and keep only item’s basic functionality? That it, remake it into something more homey. It can be cut from paper (for single use), but works best if made from soft plastic – the kind that sometimes school notebooks get instead of paper cover.  I’ve made also a version cut from soft rubber – and this one was definitely a winner. Rubber was hard to pull on the bottle’s neck, but later on it stayed firmly fixed and stopped any dribble. Washable, too.

Green lemon squeezer gadget

Funky lemon squeezer

Funky lemon squeezer

Funky lemon squeezer Funky lemon squeezer Design for kitchen gadget – a lemon squeezer. I made couple models from thin metal plate. Idea seemed to be a workable one :) I wanted to make something not too serious, maybe looking like a green stem sprouting from lemon.

Immersion heater design

Immersion heater  design – a memory from the days without 24/7 drive thru coffee shops :) Probably just a design gadget and an answer to a set theme from second year design class. Personally, I’d stop at nearest petrol station and buy some coffee to go. And for camping out tourist stove is so much more versatile from retro immersion heater. Cooking on open fire’s even better :)