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Jewellery Greek style

Jewellery Greek style – concept drawings for gold necklace, ring bracelet and earring with turquoise blue stones and gold shells decoration.

Rolling armchar – social furniture

This armchair was a gift for someone. I’ve made it from foam – the same type used for upholstering furniture and sewn casing from special water-proof linen covered with latex. The idea was that since in small studio there’s not that much space to start with, armchair should be as flexible as it can be. It can be unrolled to sit 6 people and so is very practical thing during parties :) If anything gets spilled on it, it’s enough to wipe it with a damp duster.

Well, that were my intentions, but when friend’s kids saw this, they decided that armchair’s not going to be a party implement, but a huge snake. Best toy ever :)

Glass candle holder

Glass and steel candle holder. Can be made on demand – please email me for details. Idea for this item was to create light  & shadow patterns that would add some extra snap to a table setting. Each glass panel is sanded on the top and bottom, while edges are left crystal clear. Small tea light fits inside, and when light, creates multiple reflections within glass.

“Kiss me” – armchair for working with a laptop

Just like the title says – it’s a concept design for working with a laptop on your lap. Design’s very customizable – armchair can be upholstered any way that fits your preferences.

Dressing table with a secret

Cube - dressing table with a secret

Cube - dressing table with a secret

Dressing table with a secret. A very girly design – only dresser’s owner knows how to open it, because  there are absolutely no locks or handles visible. You have to know the secret – where to push to start unfolding a jigsaw. Dresser contains a secret compartment, is made from a birch plywood covered with natural oak veneer and frame is modelled from brushed steel. Piece has a handy make-up mirror and 9 storage compartments.

Mobius inspired 3d logo/ leaf sculpture

Leaf scuplture

This object is halfway between being my 3 dimensional logo and a small sculpture. Form is inspired by Mobius strip. When I started sculpting reference model from clay, I had spent some hours trying to figure out how to transform a flat, graphic symbol into 3d real world. The best way to go about, so it seemed, was to take two slightly crumpled cherry  leaves and staple them together :) They served me as a model for my sculpture. Piece is handmade from red mahogany and polished to velvet smoothness. Inside I first planned to encase a piece of amber, but decided to use glass ball that was just the right colour.

Airplane gadget – sleep eye mask




Just a small gadget for sleeping in during long flights.  Standard sleep eye mask covers only your eyes, this toy muffles sounds as well. Mask is sewn from soft polar fabric and laced with retro wings pattern.

Concept drawing for bar stool

Concept drawing for bar stool, I haven’t tweaked around enough yet :) Although I suppose it should be made from transparent plexiglass. If edges would light up – all the better, since it’s going to be a bar stool/ hocker.

Hocker / low stool chair

Hocker / low stool chair made from plywood and canvas.  Piece is modular and folds up. In ready to use state, tightly stretched canvas holds everything in place. Depending on which end you put it, it can be a low stool or a hocker.

Corbusier-inspired armchair

Euro 2012 "tape sofa"

Euro 2012 "Tape sofa"

This sofa is an answer to the theme “Euro 2012”. Since event’s held y Poland and Ukraine, sofa’s shape is an artistic interpretation of cooperation between two countries, and can be in either country national colours.