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Some more cat & animal sketches

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Just a quick sketches of cat movement and geese in flight done “on a margin” with charcoal crayon.

Concept drawing for bar stool

Concept drawing for bar stool, I haven’t tweaked around enough yet :) Although I suppose it should be made from transparent plexiglass. If edges would light up – all the better, since it’s going to be a bar stool/ hocker.

Cat logo ink drawing

Cat ink logo

Cat ink logo

What looks like a  simple cat logo is a result of studying cat’s movement for couple weeks. Paper used for the project? – tons of it :) I wanted to make a logo of a cat stretching itself with just a few brush strokes; drawn by hand in one go. It turned out I had to learn by heart not only when to press brush harder/ go lighter with ink but understand how a cat moves.


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Couple more drawings –  cat movement study, bat flying, quick sketch of masonry blocks, quick human figure drawings.