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Architectural visualisations for Praktiker brand

This post contains a gallery & summary of my 3d visualizations for Praktiker brand. All of them are based on renders of 3d models sculpted from photos.

Commercial stand concept design

Commercial stand & hostess look concept design for mineral water brand. Design was for a sponsored promotional campaign which included evening event where guests were invited to a dark restaurant. Waitress look had to be simple, since for most of the time hardly anything would be visible. Although I added some  hair-clips and stars printed on t-shirt which would light up in the dark.

Immersion heater design

Immersion heater  design – a memory from the days without 24/7 drive thru coffee shops :) Probably just a design gadget and an answer to a set theme from second year design class. Personally, I’d stop at nearest petrol station and buy some coffee to go. And for camping out tourist stove is so much more versatile from retro immersion heater. Cooking on open fire’s even better :)

Poster for Jewish Culture Days

Poster for Jewish Culture Days titled “Beisele”, an event held by local culture centre. At first I did a rather colourful poster – on the basis it had to catch people’s eye from a distance. Would have loved to be able to include less text, since in my opinion it made whole a bit unreadable.

I did also a second, modern version, with text limited to bare minimum. It was in Israel’s national colours – white and blue. I sketched a light blue tree of life on darker blue background, text said something like: “Beisele. 100% kosher event”, :) web address was given below. For final version I was asked to add a lot of text in small print.


Concept design for law office

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Concept design for law office – various versions.


Bathroom design

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Various bathroom designs. All of them include technical drawings, cross-sections and shopping list of products and building materials.

Coffe shop & TV pub for football fans

Concept design for a place where sports fans could meet with their friends, watch sports, say football game and generally have good time. Inspiration comes from one moment when with a couple friends I fruitlessly tried to find a place in my town where we could watch football transmission. It’s not that coffee shops & pubs were devoid of TVs :) rather TV’s visibility was an issue :) So I doodled a design for sports fans – with big screens and comfy sofas.