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this where I put all the things I make that are not paintings or digital collages


Some more cat & animal sketches

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Just a quick sketches of cat movement and geese in flight done “on a margin” with charcoal crayon.

Jewellery Greek style

Jewellery Greek style – concept drawings for gold necklace, ring bracelet and earring with turquoise blue stones and gold shells decoration.

Glass candle holder

Glass and steel candle holder. Can be made on demand – please email me for details. Idea for this item was to create light  & shadow patterns that would add some extra snap to a table setting. Each glass panel is sanded on the top and bottom, while edges are left crystal clear. Small tea light fits inside, and when light, creates multiple reflections within glass.

Mobius inspired 3d logo/ leaf sculpture

Leaf scuplture

This object is halfway between being my 3 dimensional logo and a small sculpture. Form is inspired by Mobius strip. When I started sculpting reference model from clay, I had spent some hours trying to figure out how to transform a flat, graphic symbol into 3d real world. The best way to go about, so it seemed, was to take two slightly crumpled cherry  leaves and staple them together :) They served me as a model for my sculpture. Piece is handmade from red mahogany and polished to velvet smoothness. Inside I first planned to encase a piece of amber, but decided to use glass ball that was just the right colour.

Handbag “Chimera”

These are photos for handmade handbag “Chimera”. It’s shape changes a lot, depending on hop you zip it up :) it’s totally an owner’s creation what shape a bag would take and how you wear it.

Cat logo ink drawing

Cat ink logo

Cat ink logo

What looks like a  simple cat logo is a result of studying cat’s movement for couple weeks. Paper used for the project? – tons of it :) I wanted to make a logo of a cat stretching itself with just a few brush strokes; drawn by hand in one go. It turned out I had to learn by heart not only when to press brush harder/ go lighter with ink but understand how a cat moves.

Bronze sculptures

Bronze sculptures – cast using traditional wax&bronze casting techniques, inspired by Hieronimus Bosh art.

Theatre poster

Theatrical poster

Comedy  show theatrical poster. Standard A 2 format, mixed media.

I was asked to come up with an idea for poster for retro comedy theatre show. It’s titled “Vendetta à la woman”, told a story about ageing house wife “taking it all out” on her fourth husband :) This is almost final version, since show is on air and changes are being made from one performance to another.


Handmade oval paper lampshade

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This is another take on turning old lamp into something special. I had this wooden lamp for some time, but its modern, mass-produced lampshade didn’t go well with it. So I’ve cut some thick, linen textured paper and painted watercolour … Continue reading


Handmade modern lampshade design

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Handmade lampshade 1. Natural linen canvas, wool and plexi. About 30×45 cm. I’ve made it all by hand, working time was something like a a week, including designing process. I used some sort of flexible, transparent plexiglass for base material.  … Continue reading