Who makes all these?

Beyond map's edge. "Ad leones" This is how on medieval maps white spots were marked. Beyond them, lions and dragons lived; there started a world of imagination. Where path ends, imagination begins, also design happens :). Above image is a collage of woodcut by Flammarion and a drawing of alchemical lion eating sun.

Hi, I’m Amra.

I paint with watercolours and oils & design digital artworks. I’m a zodiacal lion and like a cat, tend to walk & paint and design my own way :)

I’ve made this page.

Currently, this site is an artwork shop and a way to express myself creatively.

In 2010 I’ve graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and have a degree in design and interior architecture.


  • Photoshop junkie & addict. Smth can’t be done? It’ll take two clicks more :)
  • typography
  • restore, retouch, colour old photos
  • Illustrator
  • CorelDraw
  • 3d & Cinema4D
  • ¬†traditional bronze&wax casting techniques
  • familiar with traditional oil painting & watercolour techniques
  • good drawing skills, especially from nature

Contact: amraart@ymail.com

I’ll reply as soon as I read it, but please note there may be time-zone difference between yours and my place.

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