1960 flat make-over

Theme for this flat’s concept design is “Modern make-over”. I took measurements  from a 1960′ apartment house – talked neighbours into letting me in with a measuring tape. They joked that if there’s a break-in they’ll know who provided thief with a map :)

Building provided me with a sense of fascination. I knew it’s history – it was designed & built around 1960 for military officers back during communist era in Poland. Which means after so-called “agricultural reform” when government nationalised a lot of private property. “Reform” divided mahogany-and-marble prior to XIX and early XX century apartment flats into one-room oddities with common kitchens and toilets on mid-landings.

Back in the 1960′ there was a shortage of building materials and housing so even new apartment’s designs usually had to be substantially down-scaled.

But this wasn’t the case here – building was newly erected for militia and similar – which back then  could have been a guarantee of better living standards.

Idea to redesign this came from simple fact I frequently visited one of the flats and often wondered how one could make less than functional floor plans…. Kitchen was really a narrow corridor. Standing in the middle I lacked only hand’s width to be able to touch both walls. All rooms were pass-through, corridor was dark. Bathroom was occupied by washing machine so thoroughly there was not much free space left.

I measured two adjoining flats and redesigned them into a single, functional apartment. Slightly higher-end from it’s original vinyl floors and oil-paints finished walls :)

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