Mountain Story

“Mountain story”

“Mountain story”. 50 USD (no frame included). Digital collage. 3,9 x 43, 4 inches. Available as limited edition print. Framed on request.

Creative process behind this piece is a bit crooked. I’ve always liked hiking in the mountains, especially in Tatry Mountains in Poland. They still hold a powerful attraction for me. I can think I’ve made myself familiar with them, but after storm or snowy winter, mountain tracks change, get flooded  down or snowed in and suddenly maps have to be corrected. What one summer was a Sunday walk, next one welcomes you with ravine or fallen down boulders. I have somewhere still a photo (analog yet ) of a rock the size of 3 storey high cottage, that spring flood and earth slides have uncovered.

So in their way, Tatra mountains have a bit of wild charm. An they teach respect for themselves. Just before making this collage, I talked with an elderly lady, who cautioned me off, after learning I wanted to go through Zelazny Jar (smth like “Iron George” in english), that it’s not such a good idea this time. We talked some more; just before I meat to leave, she said: “When I die, I would like to be taken high up in the mountains”. A strange good bye. It rung a string somewhere with me, since I know how changeable and dangerous mountains can be. And these words somehow overlapped with what I’ve heard from my friend. One day she told me a story how people riding motorcycles chain themselves down to their machines. If there’s an accident, they prefer to die there and then, rather then live with constant pain and no freedom to roam as they will.

When I thought of all this layers of emotion, I could not stop pondering how similar it is with stories about all those who climb.  1000, 2000 metres, than 7000, 8000…  It’s dangerous and you just about may stay in the place you meant to conquer… And yet there’s this huge freedom only empty spaces can offer. High up, air’s chilly and you just about may begin to comprehend what “take me high up” might have been intended to mean.

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