prep Cat diaries

“Day one minus three quarters”

From chaos came – well, not order. But enough determination in a little body to bite through newly painted canvas and unscrew peephole.

No, that’s not a good beginning. Like all good stories it started somewhere  in the middle of the telling.

Maybe it begun with the change of adress form. And what happened with our russian samovar? And what of nearly 100 years old linen, the one grandma laced while in hospital in Kazachstan? A, yes, packed it already. It’s safe for now.

Then new canvases and paints arrived; fragnant with something meaty and smoked. And I had to move my workshop.

And just before the mayhem started, it meowed.

Which wasn’t entirely unexpected. I’ve had almost all e-bay orders in, exept for cat chow, when Natali called, that she’s got to bring her know, beacouse six pairs of eyes stare at her from every corner and follow her around flat. Damage to curtains not mentioned :). So if I’m to look for beginning from human point of view, it started one Sunday with frantic driving around in search for something 7weeks old kitty could eat. Not an easy task, when you live “out there” and shops tend to close early, especially when it’s Sunday evening.  Natali, while giving me Dyzia, looked more stressed than cat did. Dyzia decided to play it cool – just looked at two sets of knees available, sniffed each, picked one, had a nap. In the meantime Natali scrounged some cat food. So much for a whole “adaptation process”. Took 5 minutes, if not less, including showing her where food and cat box are.

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